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Sopan Joshi is a reporter, writer, editor. Born 1973 to Usha and Prabhash Joshi in Indore, MP. Studied English literature in Delhi University. Has worked in newspapers and magazines since 1996. Writes in Hindi and English on science, the environment, politics, sports, agriculture, travel, technology.

  • मनसंपर्क का कंप्यूटर उबुंटु

    सोपान जोशी [ इस लेख का संपादित रूप नई दिल्ली के गांधी शांति प्रतिष्ठान की पत्रिका “गांधी मार्ग” के नवंबर–दिसंबर 2011 के अंक में छपा है ] धूप से तपते हमारे जीवन के रास्ते में गांधीजी एक घने पेड़ हैं। उनकी… Read More ›

  • BIKANER: Land Of Milk & Money

    Why Bikaneri food is a valuable export commodity. [ Published in Outlook Traveller ] By Sopan Joshi It was on the third day of my investigative journalism mission that I became proud of my bowels. Earlier, on the train to… Read More ›

  • राग जॉब्स का अतिशयोक्ति रस

    [ इस लेख का संपादित रूप दैनिक भास्कर के 13 अक्टूबर 2011 के दिल्ली संस्करण में छपा था ] ऐसा एक ही बार हुआ कि ऐपल कंपनी का बनाया कुछ खरीदने की मेरी इच्छा हुई। एक कंप्यूटर दिखा था दिल्ली… Read More ›

  • Steve Jobs: Death of a salesman

    [An edited version was published in the Deccan Herald ] The only time I came close to actually buying an Apple product was on a Sunday four years ago at Delhi’s Kabadi Bazar. It was a Macintosh SE of late-1980s… Read More ›

  • The automobile is 125 years old

    [This appeared in Aug 2011 issue of OUTLOOK TRAVELLER] It hit me first at the visa counter of the German Embassy in Delhi. Sharply dressed executives, several of them deutschsprechend, discussing the conferences they intend to attend. Indians go to… Read More ›

  • चौमासा मीमांसा: बदलते मॉनसून के लक्षण

    (यह लेख १० जुलाई को दैनिक भास्कर की रविवारी मैगजीन में सम्पादित रूप में छपा है|) हमारे भविष्य में जितनी बाढ़ है उतना ही सूखा भी। पूर्वानुमान लगाना दूभर होता जा रहा है – सोपान जोशी सोमवार 11 जुलाई को… Read More ›

  • Mercurial Monsoon

    The famously capricious rains are reinforcing their reputation every year. Our planners need to take a hand in this Act of God By SOPAN JOSHI Its semantic density is comparable to that of a block of reinforced concrete. The India… Read More ›